HBO debuts full-length Game of Thrones trailer

George R.R. Martin has built up a loyal and passionate fan-base that have suffered for the last few years for their dedication. A fifth book in the series seemed doomed to remain among the realm of legend, and those that suffered the death of Robert Jordan before he was able to fully complete The Wheel of Time series (although Jordan’s books are being finished by the author Brandon Sanderson, from notes by Jordan), began to wonder if their beloved Song of Ice and Fire series might also remain incomplete. Well, it has been a good month for Martin fans, as the fifth book has been given a release date, and the HBO series based on the first book debuts next month.

The series, A Game of Thrones will air on HBO on April 17, and run for 10 episodes, adapting the first book of the series. Barring a skipped week, or double episodes in one week, that would put the finale on June 19 or thereabouts, which would mean that Martin fans would be able to satiate their desires with the series, then have just a month to wait for the fifth book, A Dance With Dragons, to be released on July 12.

Now there is a chance, possibly a very good chance, that the release date for the book will be pushed back—call it skepticism, call it experience—but the series will debut next month on HBO, and a new full-length trailer has been released to show it off. Check it out below, and look for A Game of Thrones on April 17.

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