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How to watch Family Guy online: Stream all 349 episodes for free

Family Guy is an animated sitcom series created by and starring Seth MacFarlane. The show revolves around the Griffins, a seemingly normal middle-class American family, and the hilariously absurd situations that the parents, children, and talking pet dog find themselves in the middle of. Since its premiere in 1999, the series aired over 300 episodes in its 18-season run (yes, you read the correctly), making it one of the most iconic and longest-running American comedies ever. Whether you’re looking to catch up on newer seasons or tune in from the very beginning, here’s how to watch Family Guy online.

Created By: Seth MacFarlane
Cast: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry, Patrick Warburton
Number of Seasons: 18

How to watch Family Guy online in the U.S.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to stream every episode of Family Guy ever made, look no further than Hulu. The service provides a free one-month trial to tune into whatever movies and TV shows you’d like in their library — Family Guy included. Once the monthlong trial is up, you can simply cancel the subscription or choose to continue it for only $6 per month. If you’re a loyal fan of the series just looking to catch up on or rewatch some episodes, then the free trial offers the perfect window to do so. However, if you want to make a dent in the 18 seasons’ worth of content, you’ll have to sign on for at least a few months of the paid subscription. Additionally, if you’re hunkering down on your couch this summer for some serious binge-watching, Hulu offers an ad-free option of their streaming subscription for just $12 per month. In any case, if you want to spend some quality time with the Griffins, Hulu provides multiple easy (and cheap) options for making that happen.

If you already have a TV provider (such as Xfinity) and are merely looking to watch the most recent season of Family Guy, enter your credentials into Fox’s network site to stream the latest episodes for free. Although this provides a great way to catch up on the newest season at no cost, it does not allow you access to the hit series in its entirety.

If you’re eager to binge the full series and don’t want to try out Hulu’s free trial or monthly subscription, consider instead purchasing individual episodes or seasons on Amazon Prime Video service. The first season is available for $2 per episode and $5 for the entire season. Seasons 2 through 7 are available for $2 per episode and $10 per season. Seasons 8 through 17 are available for $3 per episode and $10 per season. And finally, season 18 — the most recent — is available for $3 per episode and $40 for the whole season.

As a treat for longtime fans and an incentive for those playing catch-up, Fox renewed Family Guy just last month for a 19th season. Although they have not yet announced a premiere date, you can be sure that the show’s unique humor and zany moments are sure to keep viewers laughing for many more seasons to come.

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