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How to watch Shameless online: Binge the eccentric family dramedy free

Raunchy, shocking, dramatic, and always entertaining, Shameless does its U.K. predecessor justice. Much like The Office, this family dramedy began as a British series created by Paul Abbott before being adapted into an American show by John Wells. The Showtime darling has maintained an indisputably successful run, revolving around the chaos and comedy within the Gallagher family for 10 whole seasons — and counting. The family’s patriarch, Frank, is a drunken conman, always hatching schemes to make money outside of the law. His eldest daughter, Fiona, runs their house in the Southside of Chicago, stopping at nothing to take care of her younger siblings and cultivating a memorable family bond that has kept the show so dynamic and heartwarming over the years. An endlessly fun and inventive binge, here’s how to watch Shameless online.

Created By: John Wells
Cast: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey, Emma Kenney, Jeremy Allen White
Number of Seasons: 10

How to watch Shameless online in the U.S.


Hulu offers the first 10 seasons of Shameless on its platform — but only with the added Showtime subscription. Those who already have a subscription plan with Hulu, which costs $6 per month with ads and $12 per month without, have the option of splurging for the Showtime add-on. This addition tacks an extra $11 onto your monthly bill, but it does include a weeklong free trial period to vet the service and decide if it’s worth the additional cost. With the add-on, you gain access to exclusive Showtime content like Shameless, The Affair, and Billions through your Hulu subscription. Shameless alone is definitely worth trying out the one-week free trial period before deciding for or against the addition, but keep in mind that it’s an especially addictive show and may just persuade you to invest in the Showtime add-on.

Netflix also houses the first 10 seasons of Shameless on its platform. Luckily, streaming the show does not require an additional payment. Instead, you just have to sign up for one of their monthly subscription plans. All three offer the first month of streaming for free upon signing up. The basic plan costs $9 per month, the standard costs $13 per month, and the premium costs $16 per month. Each subscription varies by HD availability and how many screens can watch content simultaneously, so it’s best to parse through the details yourself and decide which route best suits your streaming needs. Regardless of which plan you choose, all three include the first 10 seasons of Shameless in their streaming libraries.

Although the show has already been renewed for what will be its 11th — and, sadly, final — season, the pandemic has caused indefinite production delays. So, the good news is that you have plenty of time to catch up on Shameless‘ substantial back-catalog before the final season drops.

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