Watch Robert Downey Jr. give a young fan a 3D-printed Iron Man bionic arm

Robert Downey Jr. seems to be able to do no wrong these days. But then again, there’s not much fault to be found in Downey Jr.’s latest charity team-up, in which the Iron Man mega star presents a real bionic arm to a disabled kid, who just happens to adore super heroes.

In the video, Downey Jr. shows remarkable ease blurring the line between his big screen alter ego, Tony Stark/Iron Man, and the man behind the mask himself, including some witty small talk in which he asks young Alex about his travels, and compliments him on his bow tie.

Opening dual silver cases in true Stark fashion, RDJ dons his own superficial prosthesis as he presents the Iron Man-outfitted real prosthesis (more specifically, a bionic arm) to seven-year-old Alex, from Albert Manero’s Limbitless Solutions.

Limbitless Solutions
Limbitless Solutions

The 3D-printed prosthetic arm was designed by Manero, a leading bionics expert and doctoral student whose goal is to help give low-cost prosthetics to children in need. The project is connected with the Enabling The Future foundation, which offers downloadable instructions allowing resourceful builders to create their own bionic prosthesis for the very manageable price of around $350.

Alex, who was born with a partially developed right arm, immediately begins using the arm shortly after some more banter. After Alex identifies Downey Jr. as Iron Man (and also calls him, simply, Robert) the two begin to play back and forth with their robotic arms at which point RDJ explains that he thinks Alex’s new appendage is “even better,” than his own.

The video is a heart melting, and proves how easy it can be in the modern age to make life-lasting impressions when brilliant men like Albert Manero, and of course, Tony Stark, team up. If this video doesn’t make you smile, you’re not doing it right.

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