More leaked video from Avengers movie, possible spoilers

more leaked video from avengers movie possible spoilers thor cap 550x425Thank you Cleveland! Thanks to some onlookers we have some great video from the Avengers movie set. We saw a video yesterday from the set, but today’s video features two of the Avengers. Both Captain America and Thor are taped in a fight scene against some unknown bad guys.

To avoid providing any spoilers we won’t go into detail about the video posted, but if you are worried about spoilers in any way this might not be the story for you. We don’t know who exactly the heroes are fighting but whoever they are they are wearing motion capture suits.

This isn’t a fashion blog, but we would like to point out that Captain America’s costume looks to be different from his movie’s version and it is an improvement. Something that was somewhat of a disappointment from the video was just how flimsy Thor’s hammer appears to be. Someone on the set is seen playing with the hammer while the actors are practicing the shot, and he wasn’t even struggling to hold the hammer.

At this rate we will be able to piece together the entire movie long before it is released. Not only does the SlashFilm have a video from an onlooker they have two videos of the same fight from completely different angles. It looks as though Cleveland is currently beating Pittsburg in leaking pictures from comic book movies. Earlier this month some pictures from the set of Batman, filmed in Pittsburg, were leaked to the net.

Marvel can’t be too mad about all the leaked pictures and videos from the Avengers movie; They leaked their own trailer to the net.

Image from Splashnewsonline