Latest Avengers set photos & video show midtown military action

latest avengers set photos video show midtown military actionThere’s been a flood of unofficial photos and video popping up online lately from the Cleveland set of The Avengers, Marvel’s upcoming superhero team-up film that brings together Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and a host of other notable heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. While some of the batches of images of footage have been more spoilery than others, the latest bunch trades big reveals for big explosions on the city streets.

Posted over at, the photos and video allegedly show the second day of filming for a massive battle scene in Cleveland, which is doubling for New York City in the film. In the shots, we can see a caravan of military vehicles making its way through city streets littered with emergency vehicles and news crews while soldiers fire upon an unknown enemy.

There’s smoke, bullets, and lots of sirens and explosions — which should be lots of fun for anyone living or working in the vicinity of the shoot.

However, that’s not to say that we can’t glean something spoilery from the new footage. Heck, what’s the fun of unofficial set photos without a little speculation?

Any spoiler-sensitive readers might want to stop reading at this point, because we’re about to roll around in some rumors. We’ll continue our analysis after the video below:

Are we clear? Okay.

Anyone else notice how the soldiers in the footage all seem to be firing their weapons into the sky?

One of the earlier batches of set photos to make their way online featured Captain America actor Chris Evans brawling with a pair of actors in motion-capture suits who were wielding bizarre rifles. A popular rumor that’s been circulating for a while now has been that the plot of the film will involve the Marvel superhero team being caught up in a war between alien races that spills over onto Earth. The rumor is back on everyone’s minds after seeing the mo-cap suits and alien-looking weaponry, and now this shot of soldiers firing into the air could lend even more support to the theory.

Of course, it’s all speculation at this point, so they could also be shooting at a giant robot programmed to kill them who will ultimately become one of their allies.

Hey, it happens!