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Moesha, One on One, and more classic Black sitcoms are headed to Netflix

Tia, Tamera, Moesha, and The Parkers are all headed to Netflix, along with a host of other iconic characters from sitcoms from the late 1990s and early 2000s that were led by Black casts.

Netflix announced the deal to bring the set of sitcoms to the streaming service via Twitter, with the first show — Moesha, featuring musician and actress Brandy Norwood in the title role — arriving on August 1. Among the series coming to Netflix are the first three seasons of The Game, as well as Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, The Parkers, Half & Half, and One on One.

Time to pop bottles????????
The following classic shows are coming to @Netflix (US)

Moesha – Aug 1
The Game S1-3 – Aug 15
Sister Sister – Sept 1
Girlfriends – Sept 11
The Parkers – Oct 1
Half & Half – Oct 15
One on One – Oct 15

To celebrate, here's a message from your faves:

— Strong Black Lead (@strongblacklead) July 29, 2020

The series will receive a staggered release, debuting throughout the fall in order to offer each show’s fans the time to binge their way through the series before the next one drops. Many of the series have been absent from any streaming service up to this point, making their arrival on Netflix a bona fide cause for celebration for those who grew up with them.

The current schedule for release begins with Moesha on August 1, then The Game on August 15, followed by the adventures of twins Tia and Tamera in Sister, Sister on September 1, the long-running and critically acclaimed Girlfriends on September 11, the Moesha spinoff series The Parkers on October 1, and finally, One on One and Half & Half both dropping into the Netflix library on October 15.

Many of the cast members and creative teams on the series participated in the video announcement of the Netflix deal, which adds yet another set of iconic, fan-favorite shows to the streaming service’s catalog — a library that has been depleted a bit in recent years as various networks have launched their own streaming platforms.

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