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Peacock’s The Calling trailer depicts spiritual detective at a crossroads

NYPD Detective Avraham “Avi” Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch) relies on his faith and spirituality to uncover the truth in Peacock’s new crime series from David E. Kelley, The Calling. Avi believes in mankind while acknowledging the rigors of the job make it difficult to trust people. In the trailer, Avi says,” This job, it would be easy to lose faith in humanity. It would be a mistake.” Avi is steadfast in his views, but when a teenage boy disappears, it compromises his entire mindset.

With the investigation underway, Avi begrudgingly receives a partner, Janine Harris (Juliana Canfield), a young and eager associate who desperately wants to learn from Avi. Along with Captain Kathleen Davies (Karen Robinson) and Detective Earl Malzone (Michael Mosley), Avi will need every resource available to help uncover the truth. 

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The Calling | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Based on Dror A. Mishani’s novel series, The Calling stems from showrunner Kelley, the Emmy Award-winning creator of Chicago HopeThe Practice, Big Little Lies, and most recently, The Lincoln Lawyer. Oscar-winner Barry Levinson serves as an executive producer and will direct multiple episodes. Hans Zimmer, who recently won an Academy Award for his score on Dune, co-composes with Steve Mazzaro. Kelley spoke about assembling a superstar team of creators to collaborate on the series.

“Dror Mishani wrote a riveting and emotionally complicated series of books, the center of which is Avraham. Avi is a deeply mysterious, spiritual, and compelling detective unlike any protagonist I’ve encountered before,” said Kelley. “Jeff Wilbusch brings him to rich and hypnotic life in front of the camera, and behind the camera Barry Levinson is … Barry Levinson. What a privilege to have him at the helm. Add Hans Zimmer to the mix, and the final product is something we hope thrills, moves, and instills a bit of hope in the audience.”

Four detectives stand around a table and talk in a scene from The Calling.
THE CALLING -- "The Pursuers" Episode 106 -- Pictured: (l-r) Karen Robinson as Captain Kathleen Davies, Michael Mosley as Earl Malzone, Juliana Canfield as Janine Harris, Jeff Wilbusch as Avraham Avraham (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Peacock)

All eight episodes of The Calling premiere Thursday, November 10, exclusively on Peacock.

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