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Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie have an end credits scene?

Once upon a time, it was rare for a movie to have a post-credits scene, but those days are long past. Nowadays, it’s increasingly rare for a major blockbuster or franchise movie to not have a mid or post-credits scene attached to it. With that in mind, audiences will likely head into The Super Mario Bros. Movie this week wondering whether or not they’ll miss anything if they don’t stick around for the film’s admittedly lengthy end credits.

The new film is Hollywood’s latest attempt to capitalize off of the success of one of the most iconic video game properties in history. Coming 30 years after 1993’s famously lackluster Super Mario Bros., the new outing is an animated adventure that offers moviegoers the chance to journey through some of the most iconic fictional video game worlds with an equally recognizable cast of Nintendo characters.

However, while the film has the potential to launch a new animated movie franchise for Universal, Nintendo, and Illumination, that still doesn’t answer the question: Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie have an end credits scene?

Is there a post-credits scene in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Mario, Peach, and Toad stand above the clouds together in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Universal Pictures

Yes, there is a post-credits scene at the end of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

What happens in The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s post-credits scene?

In the aftermath of Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi’s (Charlie Day) permanent relocation to the Mushroom Kingdom, The Super Mario Bros. Movie briefly cuts back to the New York City tunnel system where the magic pipes that first sucked Mario and Luigi out of their world are secretly located.

Drifting through the tunnel system’s wreckage, the camera eventually comes to a stop in front of a green and white spotted dinosaur egg. The scene cuts to black just after the egg cracks open but before viewers can see what kind of creature lurks inside. Of course, anyone even remotely familiar with the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise will know that the egg contains none other than Yoshi, a green and white dinosaur who has emerged over the years as one of Mario’s greatest sidekicks (and occasional steed).

The film’s post-credits scene, in other words, not only signals the potential future introduction of Yoshi but also suggests that Mario and Luigi may have accidentally brought the character’s fictional, dinosaur-like race to Earth. In case that wasn’t enough, The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Yoshi tease isn’t its only end credits scene.

How many credit scenes are there in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Bowser stands in front of a super star in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
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There are actually two credits scenes in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The second and most substantial is the Yoshi teaser detailed above. However, before that scene, viewers are also treated to another performance from Jack Black’s Bowser, who sings once again in front of a piano about his undying love for Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Bowser’s performance is cut short when one of Peach’s mushroom guards bangs on his cell and tells him to keep it down. A quick cut to a wider angle reveals that Bowser still hasn’t returned to his normal size, though, that doesn’t stop him from threatening Peach’s guards, none of whom seem to take him very seriously.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now playing in theaters.

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