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Leatherface returns in new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer

In 1974, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ushered in the slasher age of horror when it introduced Leatherface and his family of cannibals. Next month, Netflix is injecting some fresh blood into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. But Leatherface isn’t the only one who has come out of retirement. The original film’s final girl, Sally Hardesty, has returned, and she’s looking for payback.

The first trailer for the new sequel picks up decades after the events depicted in the initial movie. The town of Harlow, Texas, has become a virtual ghost town. A young woman named Melody (Sarah Yarkin) sees Harlow as an opportunity to make money. After dragging her sister, Lila (Elsie Fisher), out on a trip to see the town, Melody also brings some tourists and potential investors to Harlow. Unfortunately for the hapless victims, Leatherface and his family are still on the outskirts of Harlow. And they’re always looking for new victims.

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Amid this new rampage, someone alerts Sally that Leatherface has emerged from hiding. And it looks like Sally has devoted her life to training herself in case of this eventuality. She may ultimately be the only hope to get any of the newcomers out of this mess alive. During the trailer’s closing moments, Leatherface demonstrates that he isn’t afraid of “cellphone culture” when he unleashes his signature chainsaw on some cell-phone wielding civilians.

A poster for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

Mark Burnham will star in the film as Leatherface, while Olwen Fouéré will take over the role of Sally Hardesty from the late Marilyn Burns. Jacob Latimore also stars in the film as Dante, with Moe Dunford as Richter, Alice Krige as Mrs. Mc, Nell Hudson as Ruth, Sam Douglas as Herb, and William Hope as Sheriff Hathaway. John Larroquette will reprise his role as the narrator, a role that he filled in both the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre and its 2003 remake.

David Blue Garcia directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre from a story by Fede Álvarez & Rodo Sayagues and a screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin. Netflix will premiere the sequel on Friday, February 18.

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