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Webtoon will increase its presence at New York Comic Con

The world’s largest digital comics platform is heading to New York Comic Con (NYCC). Webtoon announced its full lineup of programming for the event, and the slate includes multiple panels that will highlight how the company is changing comics and entertainment.

Coming off success at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), Webtoon decided to up the ante and increase its appearance at New York’s premier comic event. This year marks the largest presence for Webtoon at the event as it will serve as the official lanyard sponsor of NYCC for the fourth time. Also, for the first time, Webtoon will open a booth for graphic novel imprint Webtoon Unscrolled.

A picture of the logo for WEBTOON

Webtoon will conduct four panels — two each on October 6 and October 7 — in association with Wattpad Webtoon Studios. These panels will feature writers and developers from Webtoon projects. They include Míriam Bonastre Tur, creator of the New York Times Bestseller Hooky; Aron Levitz, president of Wattpad Webtoon Studios; Arechan, creator of Webtoon Originals Señorita Cometa and LUFF; and the creative teams behind DC/Webtoon series Vixen: NYC and Red Hood: Outlaws.

As Webtoon expands its coverage, its recognition grows within the entertainment industry. At SDCC, Webtoon creator Rachel Smythe won the Eisner Award for Best Webcomic for Lore Olympus. Smythe and Mike Birchall, who created Everything is Fine, are both up for Harvey Awards this fall, which is a prestigious honor for comic books.

NYCC 2022 will take place from October 6 to October 9 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. Stay up to date on Webtoon and its creators’ event appearances by following their accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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