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This San Diego nightclub boasts a 30-foot translucent 4K display

The interior of CAKE Nightclub San Diego may look like a cross between the Palace of Versailles and the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, but nothing about the venue’s technology is a throwback to the past. In fact, the innovative new club, which opened in San Diego this summer, boasts a cutting edge audio/visual experience.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the 6,000 square foot, two-story venue is the Baroque era-inspired DJ booth, thanks to its massive 30-foot, 4K UHD translucent LCD display. The owners claim that no other nightclub has ever used a high resolution liquid crystal screen of this magnitude. The display can be synchronized with the venue’s lighting system, which was designed by Steve Liberman, to interact with performers on stage and enhance the theatrical experience.

CAKE Nightclub’s high-quality sound dials up the effect of the atmosphere as well. Club goers enjoy music as it blares out of a customized Funktion One sound system designed by Dan Agne and Sound Investments. The company, which has a home base out of Chicago, boasts a resume with thousands of events to its name, known for designing and installing high-quality sound equipment like that found at CAKE San Diego.

While CAKE Nightclub’s technology is impressive, that’s not the only element that stands out. The opulence of the Baroque era is evident in the decor, from the antiqued whitewashed wood to the crystal gold chandeliers found in the main room and mezzanine. “More is more” seems to be the venue’s motto, which is fitting considering the design inspiration came from 17th century European royalty.

Located in the city’s Gas Lamp District, CAKE Nightclub is owned and operated by EveryDay Life (EDL), a company co-founded by Tosh Berman and Amrou Manaseer. If you’re in the San Diego area, and you’re looking for something to dazzle the senses, you may want to pop in and see it for yourself.

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