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Kanye West is live-streaming his album-listening show from MSG exclusively on Tidal

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Let the streams begin. Kanye West announced he will be live-streaming his Madison Square Garden show for his new Adidas apparel line and album-listening, exclusively on Tidal.

The enigmatic artist made the announcement on Twitter yesterday and probably saved millions from some serious FOMO. The Madison Square Garden show, featuring a performance from Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft, sold out in 10 minutes after going on sale last week. Even with the sell out, he recently made more tickets available to the show, according to his Twitter account. The show is set to begin at 4 p.m. EST.

With live streaming added, the audience just increased exponentially for a show that already had the makings of an international phenomena. Originally, the only place you would be able to screen the show was at select theaters from 25 different countries across the world.

Very little is known about what exactly will be shown and heard, but the man of the hour did give his fans an answering they were desperately awaiting. After offering tickets to the show and a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 for any one who could guess his album title from the letters “TLOP,” Kanye revealed the album’s name yesterday: The Life of Pablo.

If rumors from this summer manifested, Kanye could have sent a death blow to his longtime friend’s streaming service with this album. Back in May, two months after signing on as part owner of Tidal in March, reports surfaced of the album being released exclusively on Apple Music. This marks the first piece of exclusive content Kanye has provided Jay Z’s promising streaming service since signing on as part owner.

But, Tidal should expect an influx of Yeezus disciples subscribing today. Less than a day after Rihanna released her Anti album exclusively on Tidal, the service saw more than 1 million trial subscribers. With a title like The Life of Pablo and an album listening party at the greatest arena in the world, Kanye might be ready to take over the world.

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