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Playboy’s new music app pairs scantily clad models with best new music

Playboy Music App Teaser
Because apparently music videos aren’t sexy enough already, newly nonnude media company Playboy is partnering with TV distribution company to launch a new Playboy Music app for Android and iOS. The app will combine videos of models with exclusive music performances, aiming to highlight Playboy’s “stylish, sexy, and seductive” attitude, according to a press release.

Playboy Music will work by pairing up-and-coming models with the “best new music,” aiming to create curated playlists that play behind videos of the models.

“Playboy Music celebrates the diversity of female sexiness with a curated playlist of songs framed within beautifully crafted videos,” says Jeff LaPenna, creative director of the Playboy Music app, “But the models are more than just sexy — they are the focal point of a narrative that connects beauty with music in a way that men will enjoy and women will find empowering.”

Musicians and models already signed up for the service include Playmate of the Year Eugena Washington, Blackbird Blackbird, Geographer, and more. The new service will cost one dollar per month, and will be shareable among friends.

In addition to music, subscribers will also get exclusive access to model galleries featuring portraits from the music videos the company plans to release monthly with new music.

Playboy has long had a love affair with music, with music criticism and sponsored live shows like the Playboy Jazz Festival dating back to the magazine’s inception in 1953. As the company looks to expand its reach into the digital realm, it makes sense that it would embrace some sort of music platform.

At such a low price point, it’s hard to imagine the service will have a tough time getting at least a moderate number of subscribers for the Playboy Music app, especially given the added bonus of some extremly attractive people to look at.

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