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Let’s Go Crazy: SiriusXM honors Prince with new 24/7 tribute channel

siriusxm launches prince tribute channel in memoriam 0010
Mourning Prince fans with a satellite radio subscription can now drown their sorrows for 24 hours a day, via the service’s newly launched Prince Tribute Channel.

The channel, which was created in honor of the legendary pop star’s sudden passing Wednesday, is aimed at honoring his memory, and is similar to the tribute stations SiriusXM launched after the passing of other recently deceased music stars, such as David Bowie and Merle Haggard.

“Prince’s passing is tragic and a true loss for music fans around the world,” SiriusXM President and CCO Scott Greenstein said in a statement about the new station. “To honor his legacy and his incredible body of work, SiriusXM will create a special channel that will be devoted to his artistic genius.”

Like its other tribute stations, the Prince Tribute Channel won’t last forever. The satellite radio company will operate the new channel until April 29, at which time it will be taken off air.

For those who are looking for nonstop Prince hits, satellite radio is a good option, as The Purple One was not the most forthcoming when it came to streaming services — though his catalog is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital marketplaces.

SiriusXM host Larry Flick had some moving words to say about the iconic musician following the news of his passing, and said that Prince always liked to live life to the fullest.

“He always believed that our time in this life is limited at best,” Flick said on his show yesterday. “He would say when you’re here you’re a flash, you should take an advantage of that flash … and act in the most pure way.”

In addition to the special new Prince-only channel, SiriusXM says there will be ongoing tributes to the iconic musician on four other channels — The Groove, Entertainment Weekly Radio, Radio Andy, and the 80s on 8 — over the course of the next few days.

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