Soundcloud for iPhone just got better, allowing users to make playlists on the go

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Soundcloud has made customization easier for the iPhone crowd. The streaming service announced an update to its iOS app today which allows users to create and edit playlists on the go.

Users streaming on Soundcloud’s iOS app for the iPhone can now simply tap the options button next to the heart button on any particular track and add the song to a pre-existing playlist, as well as being able to create brand new playlists wherever they roam.

Both of the new tricks are features Android users have enjoyed for months, but those users don’t have the added level of privacy afforded to iOS users. As a part of the update, the app allows iPhone users to choose if their playlists are public or private. With the added security, you can feel free to listen to your 68-song breakup playlist on your iPhone in peace, without anyone knowing Taylor Swift got you through heartache.

The new features have been a long time coming considering Soundcloud first revealed it was working on the iOS update back in July. The features are not available on the iPad version of the app however, which has left iPad users without the ablility to even view playlists since the app’s launch in 2011. Soundcloud has not responded to DigitalTrends’ inquiries as to when users will get more functionality for the iPad, but did promise an iPad upgrade “coming in early 2015” in its blog post.

Soundcloud’s mobile apps are still far from perfect when it comes to customization. Neither iOS or Android users are able to remove songs from playlists they have created, for instance.

Soundcloud is no doubt hoping today’s update will give the service another push towards increasing its ad revenue. After posting a $29.2 million loss in 2013, the service began placing advertisements on content from members of its invite-only Premium Partners program in August. With 66 percent of weekly U.S. listeners of music streaming services and online radio accessing those services on a smartphone, the time potentially added to iOS users’ active listening hours on Soundcloud due to the new playlist features could potentially add some coins to the coffer.

Soundcloud also inked a licensing deal with Warner Music Group recently that ties in a paid-subscription service set to debut next year, but until then it’s main focus will be making sure users are as happy as they are active.