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La Roux sarcastically chides Spotify about tiny payment

spotify la roux tweet
La Roux/Facebook
It seems like there’s always an artist decrying one streaming service or another these days. Most recently, Spotify was the target and Elly Jackson, the singer behind the English synthpop act La Roux, was the musician speaking out. La Roux tweeted a snarky message to the streamer Tuesday, thanking the company for a payment of £100 in the most recent quarter.

To really drive the point home, the musician added, “one more month and I might be able to afford your premium service.” Her message was loud and clear: to her, the equivalent of about $152.50 was a laughable amount for three months of streaming.

As DigitalSpy pointed out, La Roux previously seemed to be a bigger fan of the service. Last year, she shared with the website that she’d recently begun using Spotify and thought it was “kind of great.” To her, the idea was that people could try out an artist’s music, and then make a purchase if they liked it.

At the same time, though, La Roux didn’t think it was a perfect situation. “Having all the music in the world for a set fee, I hope one day it works and benefits the artist as much as I think it should,” she said. “I think that’s what all those services are hopefully trying to work towards, but at the moment it’s difficult and there is so, so little money in music.”

In the year since, it looks like La Roux has become more disenchanted with the service, much like pop sensation Taylor Swift once did. Unfortunately for La Roux, it seems unlikely that she’ll get a reaction from Spotify like the one Swift got from Apple music in June, but if nothing else, at least she’s gotten it out of her system.

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