Car battery, or Bluetooth speaker? This stout cube from TDK shoots sound in all directions

tdk bluetooth speaker 360 portable subwoofer wireless trek
TDK Life On Record (formerly just TDK) makes some solid-sounding Bluetooth speakers that are also built to take on the elements. The stout Trek 360 is another fun speaker from the company that aims to provide the soundtrack for your daily escapades, in just about any conditions.

Shaped like a car battery, and adorned with a set of champagne controls that look like they were plucked from a hi-fi system circa 1991, the 360 is one of the quirkier speakers we’ve come across recently. Whether intentional or not, the design is just familiar enough to give GenX-ers a nice shot of 90’s nostalgia, but it also offers intuitive control that’s rare in the world of wireless sound. The large volume knob on the front allows for tactile volume adjustment, and it also doubles as an EQ control by selecting the bass and treble buttons on board.

The exterior of the 360 is built like a tank, and the shell is also splash proof, and able to take on a rain shower or two, though you wouldn’t want to submerge the speaker. The cube design may not be practical for packing the 360 in a suitcase, but it does serve a purpose: hosting a full-range driver at each of the four points to create 360-degree sound, just as the name suggests. A small subwoofer embedded in the bottom of the cube offers musical bass that’s beefier than you’d expect from a speaker of this size, and while the sound isn’t extremely detailed, the overall signature is clear and present, able to tackle a variety of musical genres with ease.

One drawback is the battery life which, at six hours, is pretty pedestrian in the current Bluetooth speaker market. Still, the speaker is more suited for knocking around the house, by the BBQ, or poolside, meaning the six-hour limit shouldn’t be too restrictive. Pricing for the A360 is set at $250 MSRP, but the street price is often around $180, which makes it a good value and something to consider for your next Bluetooth purchase.

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