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Shop Prime Day with confidence: Amazon updated its return policy into 2021

Prime Day is finally here and it’s going to be a jam-packed 48-hour event full of sales on all the best tech you can imagine. This Prime Day, shop to your heart’s content without worrying about returning your goods. Amazon announced that it has extended its return policy through January 31, 2021. This means that any new product you buy this holiday season that doesn’t meet your expectations can be returned to Amazon until January 31 of the new year.

The extended return policy makes shopping easier for both Prime Day newbies and veterans alike. With so many deals to choose from, it’s OK to want to shop all sorts of products — products you might not even want, or gadgets you forget to research. If you do end up with a product that disappoints you, or you realize you never really needed it in the first place, the extended return policy saves you from buyer’s remorse. Now you can just ship on back whichever purchases you weren’t really sure of during Prime Day. Usually, you have around 30 days to return most products (with a few exceptions). With the updated return policy, a buyer can even try out a gadget for about a month and then return it if they’re dissatisfied.

The new return policy is also great when shopping holiday gifts. If you buy a new holiday gift for your loved one and it isn’t something they really want, now you have the extended time to send that product back and buy a new one you know that they’ll love. Black Friday is also stacked really close to Prime Day this year and Amazon is bound to see hefty shipping delays because of all the pent-up demand. With the updated return policy, you won’t even have to worry if your product gets delivered a few weeks late. You have till next year to return it! This is especially great during Prime Day because even if your products arrive by mid-November, you have plenty of time to send an item back if you’re not satisfied with it.

Shop with confidence this Prime Day and don’t hold back on taking advantage of all the deals. Amazon’s return policy has you covered.

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