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Microsoft is sending out free gift cards worth up to $100 each

Microsoft is getting into the holiday mood by sending out tens of thousands of virtual gift cards worth up to $100 each.

Recipients of the free gift are being selected at random, so if you have a Microsoft account then be sure to check your inbox (and junk folder!) to find out if you’re one of the lucky ones.

The gift card can be redeemed in the online Microsoft Store through December 31, and must be spent within 90 days of redemption.

Confirming the giveaway, a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge: “To help spread holiday cheer, Microsoft Store has surprised a total of 50,000 U.S. customers with virtual gift cards via email. 25,000 customers will receive a $100 Microsoft Gift Card while 25,000 others will receive a $10 Microsoft Gift Card ahead of this holiday season.”

Reports of Microsoft sending out virtual gift cards started to land on social media earlier this week. Naturally, some recipients wondered if it might be a scammer posing as the tech giant, but the giveaway is real (having said that, be sure to proceed carefully with an email purporting to come from Microsoft or any company that’s claiming to offer a free gift).

The Microsoft Store offers a range of goodies, including deals on Xbox gear, Surface tablets, and PCs.

You can put your voucher toward a pricey item, but if you’ve received the $100 voucher then there’s plenty of tech accessories you can get for “free.” A cursory look through the store shows, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ earbuds on sale for $100, down from $150.

If you’ve checked your email and haven’t received a gift card from Microsoft, guess that leaves you having to spend your own hard-earned cash this holiday season. In that case, check out Digital Trends’ handy guide on the best tech deals currently available.

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