In a hurry? Dry your clothes in just 15 minutes with this countertop dryer

Everyone knows the panic that sets in when you’re running late in the morning. You wake up, brush your teeth, take the world’s fastest shower, and rush towel-clad through the house only to discover you forgot to put the clothes on to dry. And short of wasting a ton of electricity drying only the necessities, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Until now, that is. A new device from Kickstarter aims to provide a better, more energy-efficient solution.

The Morus Zero Countertop Dryer claims to dry clothing in just 15 minutes through the use of trademarked vacuum dehydration technology. The Morus Zero is claimed to use only 40% of the energy of a traditional tumble dryer while still getting the job done with lower temperatures. This means the energy benefits extend beyond what the dryer itself uses; with lower temperatures, your HVAC system won’t struggle to keep the home cool while your clothes heat up. But perhaps best of all, the lower temperatures reduce the chance of heat damage to clothing. No more losing your favorite shirt to shrinkage.

morus zero low energy heat countertop dryer moruszero

The Morus Zero uses UV sterilization to kill an estimated 99.9% of bacteria. A built-in moisture sensor shuts off the dryer when your clothes are finished. You don’t have to keep an eye on the clothes — the machine automatically shuts off when drying is done. A set of three independent motors rotate to ensure clothes are dried evenly and come out of the dryer with fewer wrinkles than traditional methods.

If you live in a small apartment, the Morus Zero’s small profile (it’s only 15 x 18 x 20 inches) makes it a great choice for an in-unit system. Even if you don’t have a washer of your own, you can save at least a few quarters per load of laundry with one of these devices.

The Morus Zero is available in two colors: Chalk white and lava gray. The Early Bird version of the device is available on Kickstarter for a contribution of $299. Trial production is slated to begin in June 2019, with mass production starting in November. The company plans to ship units in December 2019. Because this is a Kickstarter device, there is no guarantee that it will ever reach full production, but the campaign earned more than double its goal of $50,000.


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