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The 6-in-1 Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro deadbolt lock opens with a shake of your phone

Smart home locks are everywhere these days, but a new device called the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro has a unique and promising hook — it unlocks when you shake your smartphone in a specific way. We’re not sure it’s the vision of the future, but it cracks us up to think about people doing weird moves in front of their houses to unlock their doors.

Kidding aside, the lock itself is pretty cool. As always, there’s an app: The U-tec app will unlock the door via any smartphone. Users can also create a temporary code and an Ekey for guests by using the app, which is very cool for anyone hosting people via apps like AirBNB, as homeowners can grant access to guests without actually being there.

The lock is aesthetically attractive, which we don’t always see in smart home devices. It’s virtually effortless to set up — there’s no wiring or drilling or buying keys at the hardware store. Four AA batteries will run the the lock for up to 8,000 locks/unlocks, and it will sound off a low battery alarm once it runs down. It also has a micro-USB port: Just plug in a USB charger, which nearly every smart device has these days, and you’re all set.

Keys, let’s face it, are a pain these days. After a week of keyless hotel rooms on a business trip, trying to get into your own house is aggravating. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro automatically unlocks if you walk up to your door with your programmed smartphone in your pocket. The Ultraloq will also detect your fingerprint via an A.I. algorithm that not only recognizes that it’s you, but also improves over time.

Finally, there’s the thing the shake, shake, shake alternative. Ultraloq has engineered a solution where you can shake your phone in a certain way to unlock your door. Don’t worry: There are backups to doing the shimmy shimmy shake at your front door, including a mechanical key for emergencies if the lock loses power or is malfunctioning for some reason.There’s also a numeric keypad that lets you enter a preprogrammed, user-defined code to crack open the lock.

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