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WhatsApp gets tasks and reminders integrated in app through

WhatsApp users can now get task reminders easily integrated into their conversations through a new feature with the productivity platform, 

The task integration is available to WhatsApp users globally today. The feature seamlessly allows your reminders to be integrated within WhatsApp conversations with colleagues, friends, or family. It’s especially useful if you’re in a group chat with multiple people, and, for example, you want to remind the group what each person is supposed to bring to a dinner party. 

Users can create a task by sending a direct message to or through forwarding a message to from any of their WhatsApp contacts. You will be reminded as soon as tasks are due, straight through WhatsApp. founder and CEO Omer Perchik told Digital Trends that the feature is meant to be as functional as possible. 

“We made it as easy as possible so you don’t have to download an app, all of it happens within WhatsApp,” Perchik told Digital Trends. “The key things are to allow people to be more productive and organized in one space.” 

The integration only works with an Premium account, but Perchik said WhatsApp users could test out the feature with a free trial. Both iOS and Android users have access to the WhatsApp integration in natural language, so will always understand your replies. 

The integration is especially useful to those WhatsApp users connecting with friends and family across the globe since everyone in a group chat would be able to get the same reminder for whatever task is needed.’s helpful daily planner, reminders, to-do list, and calendar features are already used by 2.5 million people globally. The productivity platform is also integrated into other platforms, like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Slack, the Apple Watch, and more. 

The addition of WhatsApp to’s integrations is an important one since the Facebook-owned app is the world’s most popular text and voice messaging application.

If being more productive by setting to-do lists and reminders is one of your resolutions for 2020, and other similar apps will be useful in your journey to productivity. 

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