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The Hydralight is the world’s first water-activated flashlight

HYDRALIGHT Oct 30 2016
Say goodbye to batteries — the Hydralight uses salt water to power its energy cells. This unique, patent pending technology aims to reduce battery waste and provide for an environmentally friendly power source that is both effective and reliable.

This new line of Hydralight products is powered by water-activated hydracell energy cells. The Hydralight incorporates a commonplace alloy and other eco-friendly elements that when hydrated instantly produce a steady flow of electric current. The current is maintained at the same level throughout the lifetime of the cell. No more fading headlamps and dimming flashlights — the Hydralight makes battery-powered woes obsolete. 

The technology involves a simple ion exchange that is activated by ordinary salt water. To switch it on, simply remove the Hydralight cell from the lantern, dip it in salt water for 10-15 seconds, and replace it back into the hydracell for hours of instantaneous light and power. Just a few dips in water can charge the cell for days, providing over 250 hours of power.

The Hydralight is ideal for car camping trips, off-the-grid adventures, boating, and especially activities by the sea, as the ocean provides for an endless supply of power. And when you’re not near the sea, all you need to do is combine a cup of water with a few tablespoons of salt and dip in the hydracell for an equivalent source of power.

This eco-friendly, energy-efficient technology is delivered in a rugged, portable, and adaptable form. The products are designed to be used in any temperature or weather condition, rain or shine. Gone are the dark days when you realize you’ve forgotten your extra batteries for a camping trip — now you just add water.

These durable cells can be stored when dry prior to initial use for more than 25 years. Once activated, the cells can be dipped repeatedly, and are easily refurbished as well. Not only does the Hydralight provide for hours of light, but the product is integrated with USB ports for charging cell phones and other compatible devices.  

The product line includes a supercell combination lantern/charger, personal lantern, utility lantern, utility downlight, and an accessory light. The company also offers two styles of flashlights as well as a utility powerpack. Everything is listed on the Hydralight website.

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