Jetson's Adventure looks like a normal 21-speed bike but has hidden power

jetson adventure ebike

Except for its name, you might get away with riding this ebike without attracting notice, at least from casual observers. Displaying the “Jetson” brand name in large contrasting letters on the Jetson Adventure’s frame attracts more scrutiny and hints broadly that there’s more to this two-wheeler than meets the eye.

Hiding the battery inside the frame does more than camouflage the Jetson’s technology. A battery that is out of sight presents less of a temptation for anyone to steal unless they take the whole bike. The motor on the rear hub isn’t obvious either.

The Jetson’s 36-volt 7.8h Lithium-ion battery has a maximum range of 50 miles per charge, but it doesn’t power the Adventure’s 250-watt integrated hub motor by itself. The battery has a USB port and takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. The charger is included with the bike.

The Adventure has 21-speed Shimano gears and built-in sensors that detect how much effort you put into pedaling. Based on your effort the battery sends nine different levels of power to the motor. The combination of human pedaling and battery assistance is limited to a maximum speed of 20 mph.

A LED front light powered by the same battery as the motor is integrated into the frame as is an LCD display that shows speed, distance, and power assist level. You can use up and down arrows on the LCD display to set the assist level and to select a 4.5mph walking assist mode.

Riding the Adventure should be relatively comfortable with its front shock suspension. There are no shocks in the rear of the bike, but a shock-absorbing seat post is designed to protect your own rear from being jarred too badly. There are disc brakes both front and rear.

At only 42 pounds the Jetson Adventure is relatively light for an ebike which you’ll appreciate while riding and carrying it.

The two-color frame is available in six combinations: green and white, green and black, red and white, red and black, white and blue, and white and red. In each case the second color is predominant and the first is for accents.

The list price is $1,800, but the Jetson Adventure ebike is available at Kohl’s, Walmart, and on Amazon for less, with current prices as low as $1,500. Price and availability may depend on color. An online store on the company website is scheduled to launch this summer.