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Luxor Mini flashlight bundles auto-focusing beam into a pocket-sized package

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PLX Devices has held a string of successful crowdfunding campaigns that have brought versions of its innovative adaptive focus Luxor flashlight to market. Now the company is back again with its third torch, the Luxor Mini, and this one promises to be the company’s best offering yet.

The venture started in 2014 with the original Luxor, which had a digital focusing system that adjusted the width of the light beam without any fancy lenses or moving parts. The Luxor 2 in 2015 improved upon that concept by adding in an automatic adjustment feature that changes the width of the beam based on its surroundings. This adaptive adjustment provides you with a wide floodlight beam when pointing the flashlight at the ground, a narrow beam when pointing the flashlight at an object in the distance, and a lantern-like beam when you stand the flashlight up on a flat surface.

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The Luxor Mini takes the best features of the Luxor 2 and bundles them into a petite package. It’s certainly a small flashlight, measuring only 5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. Similar to the Luxor 2, the Mini has both a manual focus mode and the flagship auto focus feature that adaptively adjusts the light beam from 12 degrees to to 270 degrees. With 7 CREE premium XTE and MLC LEDs onboard, the light is capable of producing up to 650 lumens.

Quality craftsmanship is evident in the way the flashlight is manufactured. It is machined with aluminum to a waterproof rating of IPX-7 and dust rating of IPX-6, which means you can drop it in 1-meter of water for 30 minutes without any ill effect. The whole unit can be disassembled just by twisting. No tools are required to replace the parts or change out the batteries. Designed for convenience, the light can be powered by three standard AAA batteries or one rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery.

Luxor is selling the Luxor Mini on Kickstarter with a starting price of $59 per flashlight, which is $30 below the suggested retail price of $99.

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