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Nanospark fits everything you need to start a fire in one hand

The Nanospark is a compact kit that includes flint, tinder, and pivot — making for the most efficient all-in-one firestarter to date. The most impressive feature? You can use it one-handed.

Exotac is a Georgia-based company that first launched into sparker engineering two years ago with the Firesleeve, an impressive product that transformed a regular Bic lighter into a necessary piece of outdoor survival equipment. Exotac recently started a campaign on Kickstarter for its newest product, the Nanospark — and it intends on setting the bar even higher. 

The Nanospark is a small, waterproof aluminum chamber weighing less than 0.6 ounces that contains all necessary firestarting tools. Its ribbed design makes for easy grip and anodized aluminum provides a great feel and look. The product includes five pieces of QuickLight tinder, which is constructed of flammable- treated cotton. The cotton is designed to be water-resistant and allocate plentiful burn time for firestarting in adverse conditions.

The brass flint wheel design boasts a simple pivot system that creates a spark with the swipe of a fingertip. The flints are easily replaceable and the Nanospark provides enough room for flint storage in addition to extra tinder. Additional flints are easily slipped into a storage area below the tinder tray. The waterproof features ensure consistently dry flint and tinder in any kind of weather.

The Nanospark is crafted to be used on the go and features an attachment point ideal for a lanyard or keychain. It is small enough to be shoved into any pocket or backpack cranny. The product is patent pending and made in the United States. Replacement Exotac flints will be available for purchase, although Zippo flints will work in a pinch.

The project is already 75 percent funded on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page with packaging production set to start in May. A pledge of $22 gets you one orange, olive, gunmetal, or black Nanospark firestarter upon complete project funding.

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