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Heated ultra-light jacket keeps you nice and toasty even in freezing temperatures

ravean ultra light heated jacket
Winter is on its way, and if you live somewhere that’s cold a new jacket from clothing maker Ravean might be just the thing for you. The company on Friday announced a new ultra-light heated down jacket that weighs just 80 grams, meaning it’s no longer necessary to wear a bulky coat to stay warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Last year Ravean became the first clothing maker to successfully mass produce a heated down jacket, which became the second-most crowdfunded apparel project in history on Kickstarter. This new version weighs half that of the original, and the company is marketing as a mid-layer jacket for outdoor enthusiasts.

The heating elements are located on the back, chest and pocket areas of the jacket, and are controlled by a button which cycles through three heating settings. While sub-zero temperatures will require you to use this jacket as a mid-layer, Ravean claims that it will be sufficient on its own in temperatures as cold as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to the heating elements which makes the jacket special, it also features a water-repellent coating, aluminum heat-reflective lining to keep heat in, and hydrophobic down to help the jacket dry faster when it gets wet. While the coat does come with a hood, Ravean says it is removable if necessary. It is also washer and dryer safe with the battery removed.

The jacket is available for women in sizes ranging from extra small to 2XL, and for men from small to 2XL. The company is again listing on Kickstarter, and the jacket is available in limited numbers to early backers for $99 for the coat only or $139 for the coat and a high-capacity 100mAh battery. As of late Friday, both cheaper options were nearly sold out, with the project already fully funded.

If last year’s success is any indication, the company might have a lot of capital to work with. More than $1.54 million was raised on Kickstarter and Indiegogo from over 10,000 backers of the original project, and the company continues to sell the original jacket on its website for $200.

“With the introduction of our new Ultra-Light version of the jacket, which offers more functionality and versatility for all uses, we expect the Ravean Ultra-Light will be another big hit with our crowdfunding friends,” Ravean co-founder Bryce Fisher says.

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