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The Real Wheel helps you travel farther off the beaten path

All-Terrain Monowheel Coming to Kickstarter on June 6th!
Tired of getting carts and coolers stuck in the sand as you make your way down the beach? The Real Wheel is the perfect solution — serving as an all-terrain cart made for easily moving outdoor gear across rugged terrain.  

This mono-wheel handcart is meticulously designed to transport large loads long distances down the beach, in the backcountry, or through the snow. The wheel’s innovative design allows for storage of up to 200 pounds both inside the wheel and on top of the cart, which doubles as a table for when you reach your destination.

The product is engineered with a super-wide, large-diameter, non-slip tire that allows it to ride over sand and rock without getting stuck or sinking in. The debris-resistant rolling feature prevents jamming from rocks, sticks, or sand. The cart is powder-coated aluminum and the wheel crafted with puncture-proof foam, making it light enough for one person to easily maneuver while maintaining durability. The entire product weighs just twenty-five pounds.

Folding handles collapse with the release of a quick pin for convenient storage in the back of a car or closet. Foot-operated kickstands are height adjustable and quickly transform the cart into a table.

A 48-can capacity cooler bag serves as stationary storage within the wheel itself, capable of holding up to 200 pounds. Bulkier and lighter weight gear can be strapped on to the top of the cart using bungee cords and built-in attachment points. In addition, the product offers built-in cup holders and a bottle opener, for added convenience wherever the outdoors may take you.

When collapsed, the wheel is 22 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. This unique, all-terrain cart, table, and cooler can transform your experience in the outdoors by making remote destinations more easily accessible. This product seems ideal for families, beachgoers, tailgaters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts of any kind.

The Real Wheel will go live on Kickstarter on June 6.

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