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A modern-day Noah’s Ark? The Tsunamiball may help people survive natural disasters

Building a Better Ship for Tsunami Survival
To help people stay safe during natural disasters, a Palo Alto, California-based designer named Chris Robinson created a unique pod he calls the Tsunamiball. Designed to survive an inland tsunami, Robinson’s creation has people dubbing it a “modern day ark.” Robinson said the Tsunamiball concept was inspired by the disastrous tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, when he watched people struggling to find shelter and safety.

At first, the Tsunamiball idea appeared more like a ping-ong ball than its current, elongated version. Robinson admits that while designing the pod over time, he eventually stretched it out to appear more like a capsule — a design that seems to function better than a spherical ball. Despite having never actually sailed a boat or physically built one, Robinson remains committed to bringing the Tsunamiball to life.

“You just hope you survive the mistakes long enough so that you can make progress, and then you can learn,” Robinson told Great Big Story. “Almost everything I’m doing here is brand-new to me. I’ve made mistakes since day one.”

Robinson hopes to outfit the Tsunamiball with electric motors, as well as solar panels and batteries along the capsule’s exterior. The finished capsule also features a navigational system that allows someone inside to steer the rig, though Robinson points out that it’s “not going to be a speedboat.” Despite its slow speed, it’s still maneuverable enough to make it easy to get to shore or travel to someone else who might require help.

Though Robinson admits the project is “dumb” because of the amount of time, money, and effort it requires of him, he sees it as an adventure he feels compelled to complete. He hopes it may one day actually help someone in need. As of now, the project exists as a work in progress, though Robinson routinely publishes updates of his work to a dedicated Tsunamiball website.

Rick Stella
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But when Himiway offered to let me try its new C5 e-bike, which features a motorcycle-style saddle that is both wider and longer than the average bicycle seat, I reconsidered. I cautiously hoped it could improve my ability to enjoy bike riding. However, I didn't expect it to completely change my life for the better.
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TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber offers ultimate personal cooling to beat the summer heat
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Imagine this: The summer heat is baking down on you from above. You're close to overheating, and you desperately need to cool down. The problem is you don't have quick access to a vehicle, nor can you retreat indoors to cool down quickly with central AC. Drinking some water and staying hydrated might help, to a point, but otherwise, you're stuck in that heat, dare we say, suffering. That's the perfect time to throw on TORRAS' COOLiFY Cyber, a cutting-edge wearable air conditioner. Wait, what? That's right, it slips right over your neck to keep you cool and comfortable. Thanks to the 6,000mAh rechargeable battery built-in, it can provide up to 13 hours of cooling on a single charge. But that's not all it does. A fan mode provides extra airflow, ideal for hot, musty, or humid weather. On colder days, it even provides a little heat. So, it's incredibly versatile and one of the most innovative personal comfort solutions on the market. Let's talk a little more about why you might use it.
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Cutting-edge personal comfort when you need it most

The default scenario is when you're outside in the heat, like standing around at your kid’s sporting event, visiting a local park, on a walk or run, or just about any time you’re outside. The COOLiFY Cyber can provide the right temperature for what you need, delivering an ice-cold feeling. It's an excellent companion for those who have trouble with temperature regulation and often find themselves facing uncomfortable conditions, even where others seem fine. For example, if you're hot at home or while visiting friends or family when no one else seems to be, you can turn to the COOLiFY CYBER to get your body comfortable again.

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