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Take your grilling absolutely anywhere in the world thanks to the Una Grill

‘Tis the season for grilling and now, everyone can get in on the fun. Regardless of whether or not you have a grill (or really, the space for one), a new Kickstarter project wants you to get outside and get cooking. Meet the Una Grill, the portable charcoal grill that will go anywhere you go, and promises to be smart, compact, and easy-to-clean to boot.

What the grill lacks in size it promises to make up for in flavor — after all, just because the grill is small does not mean your imagination has to be (and you can certainly set your imagination free with these gadgets). Measuring just a foot and a half long and half a foot wide, the Una Grill is easy to bring with you, whether your destination is a campsite at the end of a hike, the lake, or just your balcony. Weighing in at just eight pounds, it will probably be more laborious to get the charcoal around than the grill itself.

The lid of the Una Grill doubles as a stand when you are ready to start cooking, and you can actually set the Una at two different grill heights. Just fill the charcoal grill with charcoal, cover it with the cooking grate, and lay your meat, seafood, and vegetables on top.

Components of this portable grill are also dishwasher-safe, so once you are finished with your outdoor fun, you can just throw the whole thing in the machine without a second thought.

The Una Grill team says that it is already tested functioning prototypes and is now taking to Kickstarter to raise funds in order to scale up production and manufacturing. Thus far, the campaign has raised more than $27,000, exceeding its initial goal, and you still have more than three weeks to back the project, too.

You can pre-order an Una Grill now from Kickstarter for $111, with an estimated delivery date of October.

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