Take your worn out shoes in for new soles with the Vibram Sole Factor

Thousands of miles across rugged terrain in the backcountry can quickly wear out a shoe’s sole — but instead of replacing an entire pair of shoes that are in otherwise good condition, why not just revive their soles? The Vibram Sole Factor aims to do just that. 

The Vibram Sole Factor allows you to customize any pair of shoes with a Vibram sole — just name your style and color. This unique opportunity allows you to not just recycle, but up-cycle. The Vibram Sole Factor RV is making stops at REI stores around the country, allowing consumers to bring in and revitalize their old shoes.

Vibram has brought on a team of trained professional cobblers to assess your shoes, listen to your needs, and provide you with options for transformation. You can choose from a variety of styles including the New York, Oregon, or Lady Ripple and a palate of colors such as Camo Red, Lime Green, or Gum Black.

The cobblers will then remove your old sole, treat the barren surface, and glue on your customized pick with eco-friendly water-based glue. Perhaps you have a pair of shoes with plenty of sole left but you want to personalize your style? The cobblers can adhere a chosen Vibram sole directly onto your old sole as well, allowing you to strut your stuff in a whole new light.

Since Vitale Bramani started Vibram in 1937, the goal was to make exceptional rubber outsoles for footwear. With the development of the Carrarmato design the mission was underway. The sole soon became famous, and is still used by mountaineers to this day. Vibram’s soles are made with innovative rubber compounds and tested by team members in extreme conditions to guarantee their durability.

Now Vibram is bringing their soles to you — all you need is an old pair of shoesThe Vibram Sole Factor RV first stopped on June 23 in Issaquah, Washington and from there they will journey across the continental U.S.

You can read a full tour schedule and follow the Sole Factor on Facebook. Take the first step by downloading a catalog or order form directly from the Vibram website. While the upgrades are complimentary, the service is first come, first serve, and a donation to Big City Mountaineers is requested.