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Volta ebike from Pure Cycles packs 40 miles worth of self-riding power

volta ebike screen shot 2017 03 01 at 10 12 45 am
This is one bike you won’t want to keep hidden away in your garage. Meet the Volta, an ebike that promises to be everything you’ve ever wanted and more out of two-wheeled transportation. Not only is it motorized, but it’s also smart, with remote activation, activity tracking, and GPS security tracking as just a few of the perks that come included. So if you’ve been meaning to get outside more or drive less, the Volta may just be your ticket out of doors.

“From Palo Alto to San Francisco, from Brooklyn to the Bronx and back, with 40 miles of power, your rides are no longer limited by your legs,” Volta notes on its Kickstarter page, “Let your imagination plan your route and see where it takes you.” And clearly, this bike has captured the imagination of the Kickstarter community. Already, the bike has raised over $45,000, and still has more than six weeks to go in its campaign.

So what’s so special about this bike? First off, while the Volta comes with some serious power, there’s no bulky battery or ugly system to ruin the aesthetic. Rather, Volta’s rear-mounted motor helps keep your bike balanced and delivers power directly to your rear wheel, letting you zoom ahead as needed.

Then, there’s the GPS tracking function, which helps you keep an eye on your bike, even if you can’t see it. Should someone try to take your Volta, you’ll be able to point the authorities in the right direction. And of course, this smart bike comes with a companion app that lets you track your stats so you can work on your fitness. Keep tabs on your calories burned, miles traveled, and more.

The Volta also comes with integrated headlights and taillights, as well as plenty of storage space in its front basket. And despite all these features, it only weighs in at 35 pounds.

So if you’re in need of a new bike, you may want to consider the Volta. You can pre-order one now for the super early bird price of $1,399.

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