Pentax MX-1 Digital Camera

Proving they’re still a big player in the digital photography game, Pentax announced their new MX-1 camera at CES this week – the first advanced compact camera the company has ever produced. Although they’re a bit late to enter the advanced compact arena, Pentax’s latest shutterbox still brings a lot to the table. 

As far as specs go, it’s got a 12-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom, a 28mm F1.8 wide angle lens, and a 3-inch tilting screen that can be flipped up or down, much like Sony’s NEX cameras

But what really stands out about this camera is its fantastic retro design. Reminiscent of Pentax’s film-era SLRs, the MX-1 sports gorgeous metallic finish with brass panels on its top and bottom, and texturized black rubber around the middle. Lets just hope its pictures are as pretty as its exterior.