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At a moment’s notice, Camslinger Streetomatic has your camera at the ready

Cosyspeed, the German bag maker behind the gunslinger-style Camslinger camera bags, has a new design for street photographers. The Camslinger Streetomatic is a small bag that fits just the essentials – mainly a camera, phone and not much else. Not only does it allow for easy access to your camera, since it sits on your hip like a fanny pack, it’s made to protect the gear too. For the self-conscious or more comfort, the bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross-shoulder, using the adjustable strap.

The Camslinger Streetomatic’s size is ideal for compact mirrorless cameras, but you can also use it for smaller DSLRs, rangefinders, action camcorders, point-and-shoots, or whatever gear that’s similarly sized. An adjustable, padded panel buffer a camera from whatever else might be in the bag.

Construction is well thought-out. The bag looks simple and boxy from the outside, but it’s made out of water-resistant D600 nylon that also protects against dust and bumps. Cosyspeed says the inconspicuous design makes the bag less susceptible to theft (although, it’s so boxy, it’s hard to not notice it dangling off the side of your body). A rain cover is provided for heavier downpours. The flap closure, with a metal buckle, has pleated panels to keep water and other environmental residue from getting into the bag.

Inside, a soft lining prevents scratches. Between the lining and the exterior nylon, Cosyspeed used polyethylene “plate walls” for strength. The company says the PE material keeps things thin, but have the robust structure of thicker foam padding. There is a zipper pocket on one side and a flap pocket on the other to hold smaller essentials such as a phone, memory card, slim wallet, etc.

The bag’s main compartment spans 4.2 x 6 x 7 inches. The adjustable belt accommodates waistbands between 30 and 50 inches. An optional belt extension brings the circumference to 65 inches.

Cosyspeed is launching the bag on Indiegogo, with a scheduled ship date of January 2016 to early backers; general retail distribution starts in February 2016. Pledges start at $55, and Cosyspeed offers the bag in blue and khaki. A third color, black, is called the Thomas Leuthard Edition, named after Swiss street photographer Thomas Leuthard. That isn’t a name known to most people, but for every black bag sold, 10 euros is donated to help children in Burundi.

All Camslinger Streetomatics come with a Fingercamstrap that clips into the strap ring on one side of the camera, and helps secure it conveniently from one finger. Another accessory, the Campillow, is a decorative padding for resting your gear. It’s a separate product from the Camslinger, but all proceeds go toward the Burundi aid fund.

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