Add armed robbery to the list of things a GoPro camera can capture

biker captures armed robbery using gopro camera 1

A biker films himself being robbed at gunpoint In South Africa.

GoPros are popular action cameras able to capture a wide range of activities, and now it seems armed robbery can be added to that list.

A bicycle rider, only referred to as Malcolm, posted a shocking video on his YouTube channel that shows him being held up at gunpoint. The helmet-mounted GoPro camera captured the entire scary scene – an armed gunman approached Malcolm from out of nowhere, and with his pistol, he motioned for the biker to empty his pockets.

Another man then joins the armed robber, both without any type of masks or face coverings, and the pair take off in separate directions with the bike rider’s valuables and his wheels. The alleged robbery occurred on May 31, in Somerset West, South Africa, which is near Cape Town.


The video’s description said Malcolm was on the last leg of his bike ride when the “armed gunman and two others” stopped him (although only two faces could be seen in the video) and took his phone, car keys, and sunglasses, along with the bike. 

“Fortunately, they did not have a clue what a GoPro was,” the biker wrote in the YouTube video description. “This is the evidence that will assist in their procecution [sic]!” 

The fact that the robbers’ faces are clear as day in the footage is also fortunate for the bike rider. If the men had realized that a GoPro camera was staring right at them, the scene could’ve turned grisly. Despite the footage, it’s possible that the criminals may never be caught, but at least there’s supporting evidence should they ever be apprehended.

(Via Mashable)