Canon PowerShot A-series updates: Still unpretentious, even easier to use

canon powershot a series updates still unpretentious even easier to use dsc 0124

Canon’s PowerShot A-series doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t – the lineup is intended for the entry-level photographer on a budget. All models in the series are under $200, pocket-sized, and more durable than most of the basic point and shoots out there and will go under a little makeover this year. Here’s a breakdown of the lineup’s upgrades:

  • a-series updateLive view control – Instead of scrolling through menu options, the live view control is a simplified way to balance the saturation, contrast, and tone of your settings. It gives users more control without using any complicated terms that can scare younger or newer photographers off.
  • Discreet mode – First-time digital camera users will seriously appreciate this feature. A designated button will shut off all audio from the camera, and new users won’t have to dig through a manual to figure out how to eliminate that annoying start up sound.
  • Filters and extended built-in editing – Anyone looking at Canon’s A-series is likely looking for either a starter camera, or a cheap point-and-shoot for extremely basic purposes. For this reason, the built-in filters and editing will give users a larger creative range without having to invest time, money, and confusion in PC editing software.
  • Blur reduction – Only one of the Canon A-series will include this new feature, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get pocket the PowerShot A3300 IS with its optical image stabilization.