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Case Remote Air puts big-time camera control in a small package

Photographers have a new option when it comes to controlling a DSLR remotely. Now on Indiegogo, the Case Remote Air is proving that great things really do come in small packages. It claims to be the world’s most compact and powerful wireless camera controller, offering similar features to the popular Camranger, but at just 2.4 inches long and weighing only 50 grams.

This is the third-generation remote from Case, which says it is 70-percent smaller than the previous version while also being more reliable. It’s compatible with most Nikon and Canon DSLRs (sorry, mirrorless shooters). Like similar products, it attaches securely to a hot shoe and plugs in to the camera’s USB port. It creates a Wi-Fi hot spot that users can connect to from a mobile device or PC to control the camera. The Case Remote app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, so unless you’re a Linux user with a Blackberry, you should be good to go.

Within the app, just about every camera function can be manipulated, including focus and exposure settings. It also offers advanced control for automated sequence shooting, from time lapse, to HDR, to focus stacking. Both JPEG and RAW images can be downloaded to your device for immediate editing or sharing. It also works in live view, displaying a full screen preview image through the app, and can be used in both still and video modes.


With a respectable working distance of 55 yards, the Remote Air is suitable for shooting wildlife or sports when remote cameras must be set up ahead of time. It becomes even more useful when paired with Case’s robotic camera mount, which grants pan and tilt control and can even add motion into time lapse sequences.

As the unit is quite small, working battery life is limited to six hours. That’s probably fine for the average photographer, but some people may need additional power, particularly for very long time lapse shots. Fortunately, a standard, portable USB battery can be connected to keep the Remote Air running indefinitely.

With 25 days to go in its crowdfunding campaign, the Remote Air has already raised over $35,000, as of this writing — well above its modest $10,000 goal. At the time of writing, backers can still reserve one for just $79, which is $120 off the expected retail price of $199. For those interested in the motorized mount, $385 will reserve both items — a savings of over $230 off the a la carte prices

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