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New online photo marketplace offers buyers high quality art, high revenue for artists

crated is newest online photo market

If you’re a photographer looking to sell some work online, there’s a new service for you to check out, as reported by PetaPixel.

Calling it an “end-to-end platform for digital artists to easily promote and sell their work around the world,” the co-founders and operators of DNA 11 and CanvasPop announced the launch of Crated, a new digital gallery and marketplace for photographers and digital artists. Crated differs from other online art dealers by providing users with more than sales and display features; Crated offers extensive marketing support including social engagement tools and SEO optimization, high quality production using in-house printing facilities, shipping of prints, order fulfillment, and 80-percent revenue sharing.

Crated users can easily upload their images to a personal art gallery online, and import them directly to any desktop computer or mobile device. The collective artwork is curated to reflect the high standards set forth by Crated’s community of professional artists. Users have the option to display exclusive material that will only be sold on Crated.

Owning and managing personal printing and fulfillment facilities, Crated doesn’t outsource any aspect of its operations, and Crated users will have access to a secure platform to sell artwork whenever they choose, without worrying about printing and shipping. Crated is open to artists all over the world, and they can sell their work with guaranteed delivery across North America and Europe. But the site is still in beta, and they are currently accepting applications, so it’s not fully open for business yet.

To celebrate the impending full Crated launch, the first 100 artists to join by May 16 will have the opportunity to be featured in Crated’s first pop-up gallery in New York City’s Soho Arthouse, opening May 21. Among the first sellers will be well known designer Karim Rashid, artist duo devNgosha, and renowned photographer and designer Dan Rubin, all of whom will be featuring art pieces exclusively seen and sold on Crated.

Crated seeks to be more than a marketplace for artists, but also a forum that connects artists and fans around the world, and allows them to form an online art community. Those interested in joining Crated won’t need a credit card to sign up, and the site doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Setting up a gallery is free on Crated’s main site. Check out PetaPixel’s full rundown of the service. 

(Via PetaPixel)

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