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There is now a GoPro accessory to give you crocodile vision

Have you ever seen a photograph in which half the image is captured above water, while the other half shows what’s under the surface?

The concept behind this type of photos is quite simple: Keep half of the camera lens underwater while the other half is on top. As simple as it may sound though, capturing an image like this is actually far from easy, especially when the water is choppy, since the lens used to capture the image offers a relatively small amount of surface area to properly compose such a photograph.

Crocodile 2

To simplify the process, a Kickstarter campaign has brought to life a GoPro accessory that simplifies the process and makes it far more affordable than other more serious options (such as using underwater housing with a DSLR inside). It’s called the Crocodile.

Designed over the course of a few months, the Crocodile makes the composition process much easier by utilizing a bubble of plastic, which acts as a secondary lens of sorts for the GoPro mounted inside. By using this plastic lens, the GoPro can better capture the scenery both above the water and below.

In addition to the Crocodile enclosure, there’s also an accessory called the Shooter, which is a pistol grip for firing the shutter on the GoPro camera. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the Crocodile housing.

Crocodile 1

From the example images, the Crocodile appears to do exactly what it’s supposed to. But, as with all crowdfunded campaigns, it’s a risk to invest.

Already, the campaign has surpassed its $2,400 goal. With 34 days left, it looks like the Crocodile will be coming to life later this year. It is compatible with all GoPro Hero 3 and 4 action cameras.

Backers will receive the first shipments of Crocodiles in September 2016, according to the campaign page. A pledge of $130 will get you the Crocodile housing, while $180 will get you both the housing and the pistol grip. Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to make your pledge.

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