Deck out your GoPro Hero for warmer weather with these Xsories add-ons

It’s spring and, for many of us, the weather is (slowly) thawing, making us think of all the outdoor activity we can take part in this coming season. For those planning to use their GoPro cams, Xsories has a waterproof case and a grip that doubles as a flotation device. These accessories will give your already rugged action camera that much more protection.

The U-Float is an 8-inch handle that screws into the tripod mount of any camera using a universal screw (for GoPro cameras, you’ll need the optional tripod screw mount). The grip may look utilitarian, but a few features give it some added functionality.

An ergonomic, silicone grip is ribbed for a more secured hold in your hand. The grip is bright orange, which makes it easy to spot, and it doubles as a flotation device so your camera won’t sink in the event you do drop it in the water. U-Float can carry a maximum load of 2.2 pounds, and a maximum floatable load of about half a pound. Slide your hand through the neoprene strap for further security. The grip is not suitable for Scuba diving, however, and should be tested for buoyancy beforehand. We suggest you use it in the pool or shallow waters. The U-Float costs $30.

GoPro cameras come with a protective housing, but Xsories has made some fun silicone jackets that go over the housing. Not only do these jackets personalize the camera, but they also protect it from cold temperatures – like in the ocean or snow. Available in a variety of designs and degrees of protection, the jacket options include the TuXSedo (a cover that comes in several designs), TuXSedo Lite (a less bulky cover), XSkin (a boxy cover that you can decorate), and Silicone Cover (comes in several bright colors). Prices range from $10 to $30.