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Domke revives classic F-803 and F-5XB camera bags in Best Buy exclusive

domke bestbuy camera bags f 5xb
Domke's F-5XB, a Best Buy exclusive.
Tiffen’s Domke brand has announced a new collaboration with Best Buy on a line of camera bags that will be exclusively available through the electronics retailer. The new bags are being billed as reinventions of two classic Domke bags, the F-803 and F-5XB, with some modern upgrades to make them suitable for most DSLR or mirrorless system cameras.

Together, the F-803 and F-5XB will be available in Best Buy stores across the U.S., and will make a nice addition to the traditionally rather limited selection of high-quality camera bags available at Best Buy’s retail stores. The smaller of the two bags is the F-803, and it features what Domke is calling Rugged Wear Green color, with waxed cotton canvas and chocolate leather accents with a chocolate leather strap. It is said to be suitable for a single pro-level DSLR or mirrorless camera, along with an additional lens and some extra accessories. It even comes with some refinishing wax, so if the bag starts to look ratty you can restore the original finish in no time. Interestingly, the F-803 is also the more expensive of the two bags, pricing in at $170.

Domke's F-803
Domke’s F-803

Domke’s F-5XB is the bag to choose if you want to carry a little more with you than just your camera and one extra lens. It also features that same Rugged Wear Green color and waxed cotton canvas style, including the chocolate leather strap. According to Domke, the special formula allows the fabric to breathe while the waxes produce a unique, distressed patina finish. As far as compartments, the F-5XB feature 12 of them, and enough room for two cameras as well as several lenses and accessories. The F-5XB will save you about $40 over the F-803, pricing in at $130.

Photographers can never have enough bags to haul gear in, so it’s always nice to see some new quality options hit the market. Both of these Best Buy exclusive Domke bags are now available for purchase at Best Buy in stores and online.

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