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Epson Perfection V19 low-power flatbed scanner comes with Web sharing function

Even though most of our pictures and documents are digital nowadays, sometimes you need to digitize the analog world with a scanner. Scanners can be cumbersome and outdated, but Epson has just introduced the Perfection V19, an affordable, compact scanner with social media and cloud services in mind.

The Perfection V19 is designed to be easy for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it’s only $70, which is crucial in an age where your smartphone can double as a scanner. It’s a thin, portable scanner (there’s no Wi-Fi, so sharing it requires moving it from computer to computer) with a vertical stand if you need to save desk space. Scanning a photo or document brings it into the digital realm at 4800 x 4800 dpi. After scanning, you can send your content directly to your Facebook, Picasa, or Evernote accounts, among other cloud services.

The scanner uses LED lighting, so no warmup time is needed and the scanning process itself can be completed quicker (about 10 seconds). And with LED technology, which uses less power than traditional bulbs, the only power source needed is a USB cord. It also has Advanced Digital Dust Correction to remove dust and particles from the scan, and Easy Photo Fix to restore color to old or faded prints. It also has as a removable lid if you have bulky items, like a book or thick magazine.

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