Not-A-Camera DSLR necklace is more than a fashion accessory, it’s an actual camera

not a camera is just necklace front

The Not-A-Camera necklace is a 2D cutout that works like a any other camera, except that it isn't like any other camera. (Image via Olivia Barr/Etsy)

For the fashionable photo enthusiast looking to proclaim his or her love for the camera with some wearable bling, what better way to say it than with the Not-A-Camera, a custom necklace with a wood-crafted cutout of a DSLR, that can be found on Etsy. While jewelry is nice and all, it’s what’s inside that has us intrigued. You see, despite the name, it doesn’t just look like camera, it’s actually a functioning one, too! 

Not-A-Camera is a half-inch thick, 3 x 3.5-inch spy camera made of solid walnut. Don’t be fooled by its size, this camera packs a lot into a tiny frame: Not-A-Camera is capable of recording 720p HD video with 16-bit single-channel audio and capturing 1.2-megapixel images. This micro camera runs on a 3.6-volt battery and uses MicroSD memory, of course, that can store up to 8GB. The camera recharges via USB.

A back view of Not-A-Camera. (Image via Olivia Barr/Etsy)

A back view of Not-A-Camera. (Image via Olivia Barr/Etsy)

Interestingly, the tiny lens is located near the faux shutter button on the camera’s front, while the actual shutter button is found on the to of the camera. (Also, the image of the camera has been reversed left-to-right.) A button on the back switches between video and stills. Not too confusing, but it does go against the expectations of anyone that’s used a digital camera before. Regardless, the product is a curious item that gets props for integrating photography into a spin on wearable technology, a movement that has been gaining popularity as of late.  

Olivia Barr created the camera for her 101-year-old grandmother who shares the same name. When the elderly woman became interested in photography in her 90s, her granddaughter’s goal was to make a camera that was simplistic, lightweight, and not restrictive to its shooter.

Barr’s creation found its way onto Etsy, a site populated with vendors of handmade goods. An avid photographer herself, Barr launched a photo blog that encourages Not-A-Camera users to post their favorite images and videos, created with the Not-A-Camera, with others around the world. From the looks of the images, they are surprisingly good – not DSLR quality, but very good considering it’s a toy camera of sorts.

Not-A-Camera is a made-to-order product that will make you feel one-of-a-kind (it takes two-to-three weeks to make and ship), and is available online for $150. Besides walnut, it’s also available in cherry and mirror acrylic.

(Via PetaPixel; images via Olivia Barr/Etsy)