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Olympus merges simplicity and affordability in new lens kit options

olympus merges simplicity and affordability in new lens kit options travel
Olympus Travel Lens Kit

Lens names appear to be just a jumble of letters and numbers to the lens virgin, but Olympus is making choosing one a lot simpler – and more affordable. The company announced two dual-lens kits, one for portraits and another for travel, Adorama reports.

The travel kit includes the M.Zuiko ED 14-150mm f/4-5.6 Micro Four Thirds lens, which is equivalent to a 28-300mm on a full-frame (35mm) camera. The lens is resistant to splashes, dust, and cold. Toss in the coatings to minimize chromatic aberrations, ghosting, and flare, and the lens is easily a good choice for travel.

That versatile zoom is paired with a M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 (34mm equivalent) fixed pancake lens for capturing wide views. But the biggest advantage of the pancake option isn’t the wide angle (which is already covered by the zoom lens) but the bright f/1.8 aperture that will be a big boost for shooting inside dark museums or simply blurring out the background. Because it’s so small, it’s ideal for street photography.

The kit also tosses in two lens bags and hoods, but perhaps the biggest perk is that purchased separately the lenses would cost $1,180. Bundled together, though, the travel lens kit costs $799.

Olympus applied the same concept to the portrait lens kit. It doesn’t include a zoom but prioritizes depth-of-field with longer lenses and wide apertures. Both lenses have a f/1.8 aperture, with a 45mm (90mm equivalent) for wider shots or narrower shooting spaces, and the 75mm (150mm full frame equivalent) for extra reach.

Olympus Portrait Lens Kit
Olympus Portrait Lens Kit

Again, the portrait kit sees a significant price difference, selling for $1,400 individually but $999 as the kit. The hoods and cases are included, as well.

Making the lens choices a bit simpler is a plus, but that bundled discount widely available through multiple retailers is a nice boost for Olympus shooters. You can find either kit at Adorama, as well as B&H and other specialty camera shops.

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