Yes, Virginia, it’s possible to make big prints with an iPhone, and Pixuru shows you can


While most of the pics we snap on our phones generally aren’t works of art, some are worthy of wall installations beyond the one on Facebook. For those beautiful photos that call for an exhibition, Chicago-based online print shop Pixuru has launched its free iPhone app (Android version coming this summer) that will let you print photos on canvas, wood, or metal, as well as a framed print option.


To demonstrate the service’s capabilities, Pixuru took a panorama of the Chicago Merchandise Mart and Chicago skyline with an iPhone 5 and made a 25-foot wide canvas print – the world’s largest iPhone print, according to the company. Of course, not all photos should be blown up that big, so Pixuru has someone inspecting every order before it ships to make sure each work is up to the professional quality Pixuru guarantees. Unfortunately, although Pixuru has the ability to make a ginormous print, actual sizes available via the app are a bit smaller.

This mock-up gives you a sense of scale of how large the printed image is.
This mock-up gives you a sense of scale of how large the printed image is.

According to the company, canvas prints offer a durable wall art for photos with crisp colors. Woodprints show wood grain through the image; photos with a warm, sepia tone, or filters (read: Instagram) work best with the grain. Metal shows off photos with lots of contrast and vibrant colors (the media produces a modern print for sleek décor). Of course, if you want traditional, you can opt for a print in a traditional frame.

Check out the video below on how the Pixuru app works.

(Image via Pixuru)

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