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Industry’s first whole-body editor shows a portrait is more than just a pretty face

PortraitPro Body Overview Video
When it comes to photo editing, there are the do-it-all powerhouses like Photoshop, and the streamlined programs dedicated to one genre. PortraitPro Body falls into the latter category, insisting that a good portrait is more than just a pretty face with the industry’s first full-body portrait software.

Released on Aug. 24, PortraitPro Body simplifies and speeds up full-body edits, according to the developer, Anthropics Technology. The software appears to take a different approach than most, including manual adjustments but also building in automated features by incorporating “innate knowledge of human beauty” that Anthropics Technology CEO Andrew Berend says helps achieve full-body touchups in minutes.

The software includes some more extreme airbrushing tools, including body shaping and contouring controls that allow the user to adjust build and height. According to the product announcement, PortraitPro Body can also correct posture in odd poses. The demonstration video shows the program both slimming down and buffing up different body types.

For the photographers who prefer less of a plastic surgery approach, the program’s ClearSkin technology looks to significantly speed up the time it takes to reduce acne, using one slider and a brush tool that can paint over the entire area, instead of each individual zit.

The program can be used for both more extreme adjustments as well as slight enhancements and corrections for distortion and poses that were just a bit off. The program also includes tools for facial edits.

“PortraitPro Body was created in response to photographers’ need for a dedicated, easy-to-use body-editing tool. Anthropics are delighted to continue introducing user-friendly, powerful software to improve photographers’ workflow and to expand their creativity,” Berend said.

PortraitBody Pro has two versions — a standalone standard software and a studio version with a Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements plugin. The studio version also allows users to work with RAW files and is currently selling for $60 while the basic version sits at $40, with a free trial option.

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