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Instagram on the desktop just got better thanks to this third-party app

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Gannon Burgett
Instagram has never officially supported a desktop client of any kind, and there’s no sign it will anytime soon. But that hasn’t stopped developers from making dozens of attempts to create desktop apps that let you view, like, comment, and even post photos from your computer. The latest workaround is called Ramme, an unofficial third-party solution for experiencing Instagram on a computer.

Built by Terkel Gjervig on the Electron open-source software framework from GitHub, Ramme is designed to work across multiple platforms, making it one of the most versatile desktop solutions we’ve come across. MacOS, Windows, and Linux users can all get their hands on the app.

One of the most significant features is its ability to post photos straight from the app. Of the handful of previous third-party Instagram solutions for the desktop, only a select few have had this ability, mostly due to the workarounds needed to achieve this feat. This will inevitably save you the time it takes to share an image to your phone, save it to your camera roll, open up Instagram, and post it from there.


In terms of the interface, it looks about how you’d expect a desktop version of Instagram to look. It features left-side navigation, and uses icons and details that are nearly identical to those found in the native Instagram mobile app.

Per a roadmap mentioned on Ramme’s GitHub page, future updates will include keyboard shortcuts and a dedicated dark mode.

As with all unofficial Instagram apps, there’s no telling when or if API support for the app will get cut off. So, download it while you can and make the most of the experience.

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