Readyaction body mounts turn any smartphone or tablet into a POV camera

readyaction body mounts capture pov video with mobile devices 2

Readyaction's mounts attach your mobile device to your chest (pictured), bike, or forehead.

Many extreme sports enthusiasts enjoy capturing footage of their exploits firsthand – what could be more exciting than landing a cool trick and having the video to prove it? Various companies such as GoPro, JVC , Sony, and others offer different types of body mounts to help capture POV video, but many of those mounts are brand specific, meaning you can only use one type of camera with it. Readyaction looks to add versatility to the mix with its line of body mounts, but instead of working with dedicated action cams, it’s designed for mobile devices – essentially turning them into POV cameras.

Readyaction is a hands-free body and bicycle mounting system that utilizes the video capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. Using different types of hinges, Readyaction mounts can tilt in various directions, depending on what type of camera angle the shooter wants. Readyaction differs from a lot of camera mounts on the market by allowing you to use any type of mobile device to shoot video, saving you the hassle of finding and purchasing a dedicated action camera or camcorder. (There are also mounts available for compact cameras.)

Retailing for less than $50, Readyaction mounts can be attached to your body, your vehicle’s dashboard, your bike’s handlebars, or even your head. The mounts are specially made to accommodate any mobile device using a connection to a tripod adapter. Don’t worry about damaging the equipped device, though, because Readyaction allows room to accommodate your smart device’s case as well. 

Readyaction products include: the Sport Chest harness, available for $45; the Sport handlebar attachment, available for $35; and the Office Chest harness (currently on back order), available for $50. Each mount has a heavy-duty construction that helps protect your device when engaging in most extreme sports.

These products were created by avid skier and videographer David Rost of Pittsburgh. Rost, a family man, wanted to create a camera mount that kept him off the sidelines and into the action with his kids during their various activities. The mounts are designed for people who don’t own action cameras and are looking to shoot POV video with their phones or tablets.

Readyaction ran a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its goal of $25,000 on Jan. 8, 2014. You can order or learn more about Readyaction mounts on the company’s main site.