Shoot your own 3D: Panasonic launches two 3D-capable cameras, five camcorders

LumixPanasonic is clearly trying to tie its name to 3D capability, and the majority of its line seems centered around catering to the technology. Analysts keep surmising 3D will take off in the near future and hit consumer products, and it looks like Panasonic’s banking on it, since its consumer camcorders are also developed with 3D content in mind. A major focus of today’s press conference was the ability to immediately view your own 3D images and video on Panasonic’s Viera HD3D TVs, so even if studios aren’t producing enough 3D content, Panasonic wants to convince consumers they can do it themselves.

For still-camera users, Panasonic revealed its latest additions to the Lumix FH camera line. The digital camera series has been incredibly well received this year and now the electronics manufacturer is building on that popularity, and the Lumix 16.1 megapixel DMC-FH5 and 14.1 megapixel Lumix DMC-FH2 will premiere this spring.

Both cameras will be considerably slimmer and outfitted with updated retractable 28mm wide-angle lenses capable of a 4x optical zoom. Both can capture 1280 x 720 HD video. They each come equipped with Panasonic’s standard built-in features as well, like face detection and intelligent ISO control.

During its CES press conference, Panasonic promised it was focused on improving the picture quality, usability, and YouTube upload ease of the cameras. The two new devices will be the smallest, mirrorless, fully featured cameras on the market, and will of course feature an optional 3D lens.

In 2011, Panasonic will debut five new 3D capable camcorders, all featuring 3D filming functions, all priced under $1,000. Its flagship device will be the TM900, which has optional 3D and full HD 1080/60p recording , along with a touchscreen, 3.5 inch wide LCD, and 12x optical Leica zoom capabilities.

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